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Release version 7.3.7

Release version 7.3.7 includes new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

Skypoint AI:

  • Conversational Question Grounding: With the latest update, Skypoint AI Copilot gains Conversational Question Grounding capabilities. Users can now seamlessly reference previous conversation context in follow-up questions. Copilot adeptly adjusts to new topics while maintaining conversation flow, ensuring a smoother user experience. This enhancement helps us enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.
  • Enhanced Retrieval Accuracy for Unstructured Data Source - ColBert: Introducing enhanced retrieval capabilities for unstructured data in Skypoint AI Copilot. This update goes beyond semantic search by incorporating topic-based retrieval, ensuring more accurate and relevant results. Users can now retrieve highly relevant document extracts seamlessly, reducing search time and cognitive load.
  • Skypoint Developer Portal Update: We're excited to announce updates to the Skypoint Developer Portal. This release meets customer demands for integrating Skypoint AI APIs into their UIs, enabling custom Copilot creation.


  • Self-serve Copilot Customization - MVP: Introducing the MVP release of Private Copilot Customization. Admins can now customize access endpoints and branding elements like titles, icons, images, and theme colors. Preview your customization choices for alignment before implementation and support for multiple Copilots per instance offers scalability. Stay tuned for further enhancements based on user feedback.
  • PostgreSQL Connector: This feature streamlines data ingestion from PostgreSQL databases, enabling users to effortlessly configure connections, select tables, and define incremental ingestion.
  • PayNW Connector: Introducing the PayNW Connector, facilitating seamless integration with PayNW's comprehensive suite of services, including online payroll, cloud-based HRIS systems, and human capital management (HMC) platforms.