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Release version 6.2.1

Release version 6.2.1 includes new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

Skypoint Studio:

  • Text alignment issue under Settings > Platform > Status is resolved. Now the text is left aligned.
  • Once tenant creation is in progress, the "Save" or "Cancel" button will be disabled and users can see the message for Lakehouse auto provision is in progress.
  • When dbt model is failed, generate_and_execute_dbt_commands will show failed status.

Skypoint Lakehouse:

  • Earlier, the user had to manually run "Refresh Hive Metastore" every time from Lakehouse SQL access to view data for newly ingested tables or inherited tables. The bug is fixed, and data is available to the user for newly ingested tables or inherited tables.
  • Deletion of the instance/tenant will delete respective storage, Cosmos, Unity Catalog/Schema/Tables, and SQL warehouse.

Skypoint Resolve:

  • The "View clusters" tab in the ML match section displays data in the cluster form.

Skypoint Predict:

  • Correct values are displayed for neutral and negative sentiments on the "Customer Sentiment over the year" graph.

Skypoint Activate:

  • On the Metrics view page, a horizontal scroll bar was not displayed. The width of the Metrics view page is increased, and a horizontal scroll is displayed on the page.