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Release version 7.2.2

Release version 7.2.2 includes new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

Skypoint Dataflow:

  • Folder based entity ingestion using Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 Connector - Folder based CSV file ingestion is supported now. Each folder would be considered as an entity.
  • DBT Transformations - Python dbt models are now enabled in the platform, providing enhanced transformation capabilities for improved data processing.

Skypoint Resolve:

  • Type of refresh - Map and match processes would now display the last run refresh type.
  • Rule Match - Improved accuracy in calculation of match count and count percentage for Rule Match.
  • Higlight of Map attribute - Map attributes those have advanced settings enabled will now be bold font.

Skypoint Settings and Administration:

  • Usage based report - Usage based reporting on usage of pipelines and storage of Skypoint MDSP is now available under settings.

Skypoint Predict:

  • MDM support for predictions - Prediction models will support Master Data Management(MDM) configuration
  • Improvements in CLV model - Coding improvements in CLV model to improve efficiency.