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Release Version 2.2.0

The Release Version 2.2.0 includes new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

Skypoint Dashboard:

  • Metrics widget - Business Metrics have been fixed to show the value instead of the number of metrics.

Skypoint Dataflow:

  • Cent to dollar conversion - Datatypes related to amount have been modified to support cents to dollar conversion for Square connector.

Skypoint Resolve:

  • Incremental run in Map – The Map incremental failure is caused when any new entity is added and the user proceeds for Map incremental run. The issue is fixed, and the user can run the Map incremental after adding a new entity.

Skypoint Activate:

  • Pagination inconsistency in the Audience – When the user opens the next page, the selected audience is changed after sorting. The pagination inconsistency after sorting is fixed. The audience selected on the next page remains the same.

Skypoint Help+Support:

  • Sorting based on the latest message - The user message was not correctly sorted in UI. Earlier, sorting the message was based on a modified date, so now the sorting is done based on created date.
  • Reply to the customer – The error message "customer account not found" was shown for the Skypoint support team. The bug is fixed and allows the Skypoint specialist to add the reply to the ticket.

Settings and Administration:

  • Redesign for the session timeout pop-up screen.
  • Corrected typo error in session timeout pop-up message.