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SkyPoint Cloud Mission: Bring People and Data Together.

We are the industry's first Modern Data Stack Platform with built-in data lakehouse, account 360, customer 360, identity resolution, ELT / Reverse ETL, data transformation, semantic layer, privacy compliance, data governance, analytics, open architecture, data apps and managed services for several industries including healthcare, life sciences, senior living, retail, hospitality, business services, and financial services.

Modern Data Stack Platform (MDSP)

A Modern Data Stack Platform is a data ingestion hub where you manage, clean, and analyze your data with automated pipelines and a myriad of integrations. SkyPoint Cloud allows you to centralize your data, in turn creating a single source of truth so you can break down data silos and get more value from your data. With SkyPoint Cloud’s Modern Data Stack Platform, your organization integrates disparate data, reduces engineering time, automates everything from reporting to compliance, lowers the cost of analytics, and leverages high-quality insights to make informed business decisions.

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The MDS platform with open architecture fuels your data-driven capabilities. It has both advanced analytics and machine learning systems, together with SQL-based data management systems. SkyPoint Cloud’s Modern Data Stack Platform gives you access to essential components to transform into a modern data-driven organization:

  • An efficient ETL/ELT mechanism to unify data from multiple sources.
  • A platform to create a single source of truth, enforce governance, and increase trust in data.
  • A cloud-based solution that’s easy to scale, access, and maintain.
  • Advanced data transformation tools to meet fast-evolving customer expectations and business needs.
  • A robust data warehouse or data lake to meet storage and analytical requirements.
  • A business intelligence tool for visualizing and communicating data insights.

Modern Data Stack - Data to Insights

SkyPoint Cloud solution stack provides integrations from disparate data sources, performing transformations, predictions, analytics and allowing companies to take informed and valuable actions accordingly. SkyPoint Cloud helps you to bridge data silos and eliminate inconsistencies using identity resolution that consolidates disparate data to create a complete picture of your customers. Today’s most data driven B2C, B2B, and healthcare brands use SkyPoint Cloud to unify disparate data, automate privacy and compliance, and tap into powerful insights.

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SkyPoint Cloud Solution

SkyPoint Cloud platform has the following products:

  1. SkyPoint Cloud Dataflow: Data import, export, connections, types (semantic labels) management, data transformations, and data quality management.
  2. SkyPoint Cloud Lakehouse: Integrated data warehouse and data lake using Delta Lake technology as the table format.
  3. SkyPoint Cloud Resolve: Machine learning and rule-based customer identity resolution & management.
  4. SkyPoint Cloud Profile: 360-degree view of the customer including profile, timelines, and enrichment capabilities.
  5. SkyPoint Cloud Predict: Predict customer needs from unified data, ML models built-in, and the ability to integrate custom models.
  6. SkyPoint Cloud Activate: Capabilities including audiences, metrics, export, and API developer portal.
  7. SkyPoint Cloud Empower: Customer consent management and effortless compliance with global privacy laws (CCPA, GDPR).
  8. SkyPoint Cloud Automate: Automate workflows, build power apps, and build dashboards using SkyPoint Cloud Power BI, Power App, Power Automate, and Teams connectors.

SkyPoint Cloud Platform Architecture

SkyPoint Cloud is a truly modern data stack platform with open architecture support. In addition to inbuilt connectors in SkyPoint Cloud Dataflow, it also allows for integrations with third party applications using Lakehouse SQL. SkyPoint Cloud helps you create a single source of truth, strengthen governance, and increase data integrity while reducing data engineering time and enabling high-value use of analysts, analytics engineers, and data scientists.

  • You can use external import tools like Power BI, Tableau, Dataflow, Fivetran, Airbyte, etc.
  • Use external transformation tools like Dbt.
  • Use external export tools like Census or Hightouch
  • Support real-time processing using Snowplow or Spark streaming

SkyPoint Cloud metadata store is kept in sync using Delta CDC for utilizing Lakehouse entities inside and outside the Platform! SkyPoint Cloud utilizes

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How SkyPoint Cloud helps in deriving business decisions using in-built Prediction models.

SkyPoint Cloud platform has multiple prediction models which can be used to predict customer behavior based on customer interactions over a period of time. These can be used to derive business decisions.

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