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Dataflow is the first step in creating a customer 360-degree view that allows you to load the data from disparate data sources into Skypoint AI Lakehouse. Skypoint AI consolidates data from different sources and accelerates informed decisions across your organization. You can accomplish this using prebuilt or custom-built connectors. Our platform already supports 200+ built-in connectors that allow data import from different data sources. It helps you to manage large volumes of data and gain actionable insights into a 360-degree view of your customer.

Dataflow also allows you to export the data from Skypoint AI Lakehouse to your corresponding data sources. Dataflow provides a strong data foundation, maintains privacy compliance, delivers personalized experiences, and drives the business towards a collective vision.

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Skypoint AI’s built-in ELT allows you to centralize all your data, maintain privacy compliance, and deliver personalized experiences with real-time insights. You can connect all your databases securely and accelerate analytics with integrated transformation tools. You can build a secure and reliable ELT data pipeline that gives you a single source of truth.

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