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Solution directory

Discover Skypoint AI’s features through our detailed guide. Learn how our platform uses advanced generative AI for comprehensive solutions, enabling data interaction via private AI Copilots, turning complex data into clear, actionable insights while ensuring accuracy and compliance.

Platform overview

Get acquainted with the fundamental concepts of Skypoint AI’s platform, including our robust solutions and architecture.

Release notes

Find out Skypoint AI’s latest features, enhancements, and fixes from recent and past updates. This includes a list of release versions for our solutions and a breakdown of the changes made in each version.

Get started

Get easy steps to connect to Skypoint AI Studio and its private copilot, as well as supported clients, so you can start chatting with your data:


A visual display that contains various widgets to provide interactive features at-a-glance.

Skypoint AI

Explore how Skypoint AI uses generative AI to enhance your data's value through Skypoint AI Studio and discover how you can start conversing with your data using Skypoint AI Copilot in just a few steps.


Get all your ELT data pipelines running in minutes and build the ultimate data foundation to support innovation and complex decision-making.


Build a solid foundation for your organization’s cloud data strategy and workflow automation processes.


Unifies diverse data sources into a single master dataset. Provides a quick and easy way to deduplicate, manage, and improve identity data for connected customer journeys.

Master data

Automates the integration of transactional, behavioural, and observational data from across your organization to develop comprehensive 360-degree customer profiles, enabling personalized and trustworthy interactions.


Enables you to predict customer needs using real-time data, allowing you to provide meaningful experiences throughout the entire customer journey.


Customer Data Activation empowers your marketing, sales, and service professionals to tailor 1:1 interactions at scale.


Ensures compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and more with our all-in-one automated solution that integrates consent and preference management with data residency and privacy protection.


Connects unified and trusted data with business applications to empower citizen developers and accelerate innovation.

Getting support

Get the guidance you need from Skypoint AI's technical experts to achieve exceptional outcomes quickly and efficiently.

Settings and administration

Set up and manage platform settings to control and improve core platform behaviors across all Skypoint AI’s solutions and streamline your business efforts.

Application development

Check out how Skypoint AI provides APIs to build your applications based on your data.