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Import connectors


You can ingest data to Skypoint AI from any data source including pre-built connectors with popular applications such as Shopify, Salesforce, etc. Skypoint AI Studio ingests raw data and transforms it into a standardized, modular, and extensible collection of data schemas for further processing in downstream processes such as Master Data Management (MDM) - Resolve process.

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Connectors categorization

You can filter the list of connectors concerning the following categories:

Connector type
AnalyticsYou can simplify big data and run parallel data transformation and processing programs. These connectors enable you to connect with analytics-based connectors.
CloudThe Cloud connector is used to integrate with cloud providers.
Data WarehousingYou can connect to the data management system that is designed to enable and support Business Intelligence (BI) activities. These connectors enable you to import data from data warehouses.
Developer ToolsThis is a set of services and features that connect you to develop a software application.
EcommerceThese connectors allow you to integrate with various eCommerce platforms and marketplaces for data exchange.
HealthcareThese connectors allow you to connect with a health organization or insurer. Also, you can exchange Electronic Health Records (EHR).
MarketingYou can import marketing data into Skypoint AI Lakehouse to gain new business insights. Marketing connectors synchronize data between a marketing environment and the Skypoint AI platform.
SalesYou can import data with Sales connectors to build relationships and increase your sales.

To get assistance for your connector

In case, you are unable to find your desired import connector, you can perform one of the action in the Looking for more section. You can raise a support ticket for the Skypoint team to look into your request. Click Help + Supoort.

List of all import connectors