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Skypoint releases

Skypoint is committed to providing a seamless, up-to-date experience to users through rapid development and continuous innovation. To meet this commitment, we deploy new releases to deliver service improvements in the form of new features, enhancements, and fixes. This topic describes the process we follow for release notes.


To submit feature requests and product suggestions, email us at or click Skypoint Support and fill out the basic information for your query.

Guidelines for Skypoint versioning for product releases:

Major releasePatch releaseHotfix
  • Added new functionality.
  • Lifting major technical debt.
Any new enhancement to already existing functionality.
  • Within a sprint, some minor bugs are fixed for Production or as per customer request.
  • Minor technical bugs from the previous release.
Added Lakehouse SQL.Allow audience creation from Prediction models.Metrics data are not visible on Dashboards.
CDM removal, DBT transformations, Multiple Timelines per Instance.Metrics UI changesUnable to create an Audience from Profile.

Skypoint release versioning uses the version number to express the status of a given release, as follows:

Version numberDescription
1.0.0First Major release
2.0.0Major release done
2.1.0Minor release
2.1.2Another Hotfix
3.0.0Major release
4.0.0Major release