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Master Data


Master Data refers to profiles (customers, partners, citizens, suppliers, sites, providers, patients, operators, locations, products, assets, etc.) and it is a consistent, uniform set of identifiers and attributes that describe them, usually placed within a platform that supports efficient curation of the data. Examples of master data include customer data, product data, supplier data, financial data, etc.

Skypoint AI's Master Data brings data together from across the enterprise and business ecosystem to create a single, accurate and transparent record of the truth.

All your profiles are created after a successful Resolve (map and unify) process. The Master Data consists of three features, namely:

ProfilesYou can use the free search feature to view all your saved profiles. You can further add attributes that would enable indexing for searching and filtering your saved profiles.
EnrichmentEnrichment enables you to supplement your customer data with data from external sources including Skypoint AI and other partners.
TimelinesRefers to the process of managing and tracking the various activities that are performed on master data over time.