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In the context of Skypoint Master Data Management (MDM), Unify process involves bringing data from different sources together and making it consistent and accurate to create a golden record. You can create a Single Source of Truth (SSOT) for your data. Unify process ensures the accuracy and integrity of master data, which is critical for making informed business decisions. It includes the following features:


The Match process helps to get unique clusters for matching as well as non-matching records across tables. The identity resolution match identifiers across disparate datasets and touchpoints to a single profile. This helps build a cohesive, longitudinal view of a consumer, enabling brands to deliver relevant messaging throughout the customer journey.

In Skypoint MDM, you can perform the Match process in the following ways:

  • Rule Match
    • Exact match
    • Partial or Fuzzy match
  • ML (Machine Learning) Match


The Merge process involves combining data from different sources into a single dataset or database.