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Viewing Platform Status


The Status tab lets you track the progress of all the data imports, exports, and various important activities performed on the Skypoint AI. You can review the information on this tab to ensure the completeness of your task.

To view platform status

  1. In the left pane, go to Settings > Platform.

The Platform Settings page appears. By default, the Status tab opens.

Alt text

TaskDisplays the name of the task.
StatusIndicates whether the execution is completed.
Last updatedDisplays the most recent run and when it was last updated.

You can refresh all tasks and processes to updates from your data sources. It is good practice to review status regularly to ensure completeness of your active tasks and processes. Click the Refresh All button to refresh all tasks and processes.

  1. To view the details of the several runs, click the task name.
  2. To view more details about the progress, click on the status of the process.

The Progress details pane appears.

Alt text


The Progress details pane includes the status of the task, platform notifications, and background processes. There are 5 types of status. These are New, In-Progress, CompletedFailed, and Canceled.

Status typeDescription
NewA new task is added, or the task is in draft status.
In-ProgressThe task is processing.
CompletedTask completed successfully.
FailedThe task ran into errors and the processing of the task failed.
CanceledThe task was canceled by the user before it finished.