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Release Version 4.0.0

The Release Version 4.0.0 includes new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

Skypoint Vault [Deprecated]:

  • Added Horizontal scroll bar – The horizontal scroll bar was missing in the Attributes tab. The horizontal scroll bar is added to view hidden contents on the page.

Skypoint Resolve:

  • Different record fields for ML match and Rule match – Match record titles were shown differently for ML match and Rule match. This issue is fixed. Match record field names are consistent for the ML match and Rule match field.
  • Auto refresh of the Map card – After clicking the Run button, the status was not updated automatically in the Map card. It was updated only when the user refreshes the page. The issue is verified, and the status updates automatically in the Map card.
  • ML match issue of clusters with null values – ML match algorithm was creating clusters based on null values. This issue is resolved. Null values are treated differently, and matches will not happen based on null values.
  • UI issues on ML match and Rule match order page - On the ML match and Rule Match Order page, if the number of entities was more than 10, two entities were assigned with primary on each page. The issue is fixed, and the "Match order" page displays the correct sequence.

Skypoint Predict:

  • Command button persistence after processing – Once the user clicked the "Save & Run" or "Save & Close" button, it was not disabled. This issue is fixed for all the Prediction models. Once the "Save & Run" or "Save & Close" button is clicked, it will be disabled.
  • Fixed Sentiment analysis model – Databricks execution failed due to library installation and configuration issues. The bug is fixed. The model name is corrected in ADF and starts working fine.

Skypoint Activate:

  • Filter and pagination inconsistency in Audience – When the user modified the filter, the new filter criteria were not working. The issue is fixed. Sorting, filtering, pagination, naming conventions, and informational messages work properly across the application.

Settings and Administration:

  • UI fixing for the Progress and Task details – Data were overlapping due to the user interface having no spaces. The bug is fixed, and information is displayed clearly.