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Release version 7.3.6

Release version 7.3.6 includes new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

Skypoint AI:

  • Introducing new Login page for Private Copilot: Implemented a new login page for Private Copilot, designed to enhance the user experience. With this update, accessing Private Copilot is now smoother and more intuitive, streamlining the login process for improved efficiency. We're committed to continuously improving our platform, and this enhancement is another step towards providing a seamless experience for our users.
  • Enhanced Combo Prompt - Sources Support: Introduced support for displaying sources alongside combo prompting. Documents utilized in answering questions at every step are displayed to users alongside the answers. This enhancement promotes transparency and enables users to access the referenced sources for better understanding and credibility.


  • SharePoint Connector for Self-Serve AI Config: A new SharePoint Connector is available, enabling user to directly ingest unstructured data from SharePoint. Now, users can seamlessly ingest unstructured data from SharePoint directly through the user-friendly interface of Skypoint Studio App. This enhancement simplifies data access and streamlines the AI configuration process for improved efficiency and productivity.
  • Enhanced filter & sorting: Users can now easily filter and sort selected entities, streamlining the data import process. This improvement empowers users to efficiently organize and manage their data imports, optimizing workflow efficiency and enhancing user experience.
  • SmartLinx SFTP Connector: Implemented a comprehensive solution to preserve historical data. Skypoint's SmartLinx SFTP connector now supports rolling window changes and provides a solution to maintain both historical data integrity and the latest data changes, ensuring robust data management.
  • QuickBooks Online - General Ledger: Integration of the QuickBooks Online General Ledger Endpoint into our platform. This new addition expands our capabilities, allowing users to efficiently access and manage general ledger data directly from QuickBooks Online. With this enhancement, users can streamline financial processes and gain deeper insights into their data with ease.
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector: Enhanced the data ingestion process for the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector, empowering users with the ability to seamlessly replace or append data. This enhancement streamlines workflows, providing greater flexibility and control over data management. Now, users can effortlessly optimize their processes and unlock the full potential of their Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration.