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Release version 5.0.0

The Release version 5.0.0 includes new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

Skypoint Dataflow:

  • Added search field in the dropdown – Each dropdown option has a type-able field. Users can type in the text to search in the dropdown and select the desired value such as attributes from the list with ease & fast.
  • SQL connector updated to Delta 2.0 - The Dataverse connector has been refactored for the delta protocol version upgrade.
  • Setup instructions for connectors – A setup instruction is added to the connector’s configuration page to avoid referring to any other document. Users can see complete instructions on setting up the connections in Dataflow > Imports. The setup instruction is integrated for the following connectors:
    • Google Cloud Storage
    • Klaviyo
    • Shopify
    • Square

Skypoint Lakehouse:

  • Modify columns in Dataverse – It is now possible to modify and drop any column in Dataverse through an external tool like DBeaver. CDC has been enabled for the same and the results get reflected in the Lakehouse.

Skypoint Master Data:

  • Multiple timeline journeys per instance – Users can add multiple timeline journeys coming from numerous data sources, for example, In-patient journey, Medication journey, Order journey, Feedback journey, etc., and view the same on the Profile details page per profile.
  • Default journey – The existing timelines are grouped under "Default journey". Users can edit and rename the "Default journey" to a corresponding journey.

Skypoint Predict:

  • Added RFM model – RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary value) model is added under Predict > Built-In. It helps to identify the most important types of customers by grouping them and giving scores to their Recency, Frequency, and Monetary values. The user has two options to configure the model as follows:

    • Default- The system automatically groups the entire data set into 5 buckets of 20 percentile each.
    • Custom- Users can decide the percentile as per the requirement.

    After running the model, the RFM table gets created in the Lakehouse under the Gold database.

Skypoint Empower:

  • Added country list – The country list is added to the privacy center website. By default, it displays in alphabetical order, but the order can be configured based on requirements. Also, the State field gets auto-populated based on the country selected.
  • Country code – A country calling code is mandatory for the phone number entered in the field.
  • Update inaccuracies – Following changes are done on the Update inaccuracy page:
    • The "Order" column is added for the user to set the sequence in which the fields should get displayed on the Update inaccuracy page.
    • Regex validation is added to set the regex expression for validating the text in the "Advanced settings". Users can add the regex expression for any attribute. Any value not present in a regex will be shown as an error on the web page.
    • Country calling code is mandatory for the phone number entered in the field.
    • Date of Birth (DOB) validation is done in the date picker. The maximum value for a date is the current date shown in the date picker.

Settings and Administration:

  • Renaming of Instance/Tenant – After renaming, the Instance/Tenant name list will get updated in the banner without doing a hard refresh.
  • Migration of Databricks standard workspace – Databricks standard workspace of QA environment is migrated to Azure West US 3 region.
  • Restructuring of documentation – Documentation is deployed from the storage account to a static web application and the custom domain is changed to
  • Bug fixed - Security hot spots, blockers, and a few critical bugs tagged by Sonar Qube part of SICDPAzureDatabricks and SICDPTenantApp repos have been fixed.