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Release version 7.3.8

Release version 7.3.8 includes new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

Skypoint AI

  • Markdown Formatting Enhancement for Private Copilot: Improved markdown capabilities to ensure more polished and structured responses with clearer, more organized information, enhancing readability and overall user experience similar to ChatGPT.
  • SherloQ: This cutting-edge model is specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of Text2SQL applications, providing enhanced accuracy, determinism, stability, and unparalleled customization for Text-to-SQL conversions. Now, users will expect improved query understanding and SQL generation, empowering them to extract valuable insights from structured data with ease.


  • Self-serve Copilot Configurator - Enhancement v1: Enables platform admin users to customize Private Copilots with ease. This version offers customizable sidebar modes, and enhanced preview features. Admins can configure brand icons, images, alignment, and preview aesthetics seamlessly.

  • Import Enhancement: Empowers users to remove unwanted entities from imports and Lakehouse when they are no longer needed. This enhancement streamlines data management, allowing users to maintain a clean and organized data environment by easily removing outdated or unnecessary entities.

  • Broadspire Connector: Custom integration for Broadspire SFTP into Skypoint AI Studio. This solution will automate data extraction, accommodate SFTP with a custom file format, and support full and incremental data loading.

  • Infuseflow Connector: Expanding our platform's compatibility, we introduce seamless integration with InfuseFlow SQL servers. SQL server connectivity is securely tunneled through VPN, ensuring enhanced data protection.