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Release version 7.3.5

Release version 7.3.5 includes new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

Skypoint AI:

  • Combinations Prompting - : Enhanced AI's problem-solving capability with a divide-and-conquer tactic, segmenting large complex queries into multiple small unstructured queries, boosting the efficiency of generated answers.


  • Personalized Pagination for Dataflow Setup - : We've added personalized pagination to the Dataflow setup on the Studio App. This change is meant to greatly enhance user experience by making it simpler to navigate and manage dataflows, helping users to concentrate on improving their data integration and transformation processes.

  • Yardi - : We've built a new Yardi connector, enabling seamless data import into the Studio app for future clients

  • PointClickCare - : This PointClickCare FTP connector allows the Studio app to directly import healthcare and patient data.