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Release Version 4.1.0

The Release Version 4.1.0 includes new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

Skypoint Dataflow:

  • Run history shows all stages of ingestion – The Run history for SQL connector import in Dataflow shows all the states for ingestion and the completion time reflects the complete time for the pipeline completion.
  • Run history for Klaviyo export - Users can view the success and failed number of records in Run history for Klaviyo export. The reason for the failure of the records is also available to keep the user informed about taking the next step to complete the export.
  • Masking sensitive data - Sensitive data masking has been enabled for custom labels in the platform.

Skypoint Lakehouse:

  • Auto provisioning of Lakehouse SQL – Lakehouse SQL is auto-provisioned during the instance creation. When the user creates an instance, data is synched with the Lakehouse SQL. This automation allows you to effectively scale your identity management system and reduces costs by avoiding human error associated with manual provisioning.
  • Enhanced search feature in a column – The Column option side panel drop-down fields have a search functionality with a search placeholder. The search functionality has been made easier for the user by adding a search feature on the Column Options drop-down fields. In the Data tab under Lakehouse > Databases, users can type for any attributes in the field. This avoids the scrolling required for the long list of attributes.

Skypoint Resolve

  • Normalization applied in Map process - Default normalizations are added for the first name, last name, email address, and phone number fields to reduce data redundancy and eliminate undesirable characteristics.

Skypoint Predict:

  • Adjusted Confidence score - The Confidence score was showing 0 in the UI due to rounding off to 2 digits. Adjusted the confidence score to display proper values for Product Recommendation Model by multiplying the confidence score by 1000.

Skypoint Activate:

  • Added Group by option in Metrics – The Group by option is added to sort and view the Metrics in different groups such as Display name, Type, etc.
  • Enable Audience differentiator - Audience differentiator is enabled to improve Audience insights by differentiating the Audience from the rest of your customers or another Audience.

Settings and Administration:

  • Removal of the CDM dependency for the following connectors to improve pipeline performance and stability:
    • Salesforce Marketing Cloud
    • AWS Cognito
    • Infor HMS