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Release version 7.0.0

Release version 7.0.0 includes new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

Connecting to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cognito

Skypoint Resolve:
  • Allow the same priority for multiple attributes in ML match – ML Match enables users to assign equal priority to multiple attributes for exact matching, with the combination of fields used for comparison. If records do not match with the exact combination, fuzzy matching is performed using a different set of semantic labels.
  • Add exceptions in the ML match - ML match allows you to exclude certain records from being matched based on specific criteria. Adding exceptions in the ML match is to handle false positives and improve the accuracy of the match results.
  • Disable Incremental run for unmapped Last Modified Date field - Disable "Incremental Run" if the "Last.Modified.Date" field is not mapped for any tables involved in the Map or Match (Rule and ML match) processes.
Skypoint Predict:
  • Search field added in the dropdown – For prediction models, a search field is added to the dropdown menu. Each dropdown menu has a type-able field. Users can type in the search field and select the desired value such as attributes from the list with ease and fast.
  • Text changes in Topic modeling – On the configuration page, the following texts are renamed:
    • Parameter -> Filter
    • Customer table -> Customer details
Skypoint Empower:
  • Prevent unauthorized access to PII data - For users with no access, viewing PII data within the following table fields under Lakehouse is prohibited:
    • DOB
    • PII fields in the Match table
Settings and administration:
  • Added SkyPointGPT - Skypoint Studio added a new feature to the Modern Data Stack Platform (MDSP) that allows you to use AI-powered conversation on a wide range of topics. It is designed to enable users to engage in natural language conversations and gain a more intelligent and responsive conversation experience.
  • Domain selection in instance - Users can add the domain to the business at the instance level in Skypoint Studio. Domain dropdown displays values - Retail, Senior living, Health care, Default, and Hospitality in ascending order. Also, users can request the Skypoint support team to add new values to this list based on their specific requirements.
  • Upgrade Libraries/Packages in Skypoint Studio - Updated libraries and packages used in Skypoint Studio to the latest version to ensure optimal performance and security.
  • Optimize data completeness for tables - Data completeness will be computed when "Insert" and "Delete" statements are used to add new records or delete existing records in an existing table.
  • DLT integration from MySQL – Users can import the data from the MySQL server via DLT and use these tables in downstream processes.