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Release version 5.1.0

Release version 5.1.0 includes new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

Skypoint Lakehouse:

  • External table creation in Lakehouse with the user-defined name – The user-defined name for the external table created via external sources like DBeaver using Lakehosue SQL is used in Lakehouse > Databases > Bronze layer. All downstream processes like Map, Match, Merge, Timelines, Metrics, Audience, Enrichment, and Predict work with externally created tables.
  • Total records count for externally ingested tables - The total records count attribute is populated for tables created through external tools using the Lakehouse SQL endpoint.

Skypoint Master Data:

  • Support organization name in profile cards heading – Support is added for the organization name if the person's name is missing. In the absence of full name and first name, the profile card will display the organization's name.
  • UI changes on the Add relationship page – Users can set up relationships between the transactional table and the Master Data table.

Skypoint Predict:

  • Added RFM model view page - Users can view the RFM (recency, frequency, and monetary) page to get insights from the RFM model. With the view page, you can identify your most valuable customers, and target your marketing and sales efforts toward these customers. Also, you can create a quick audience from the RFM model.
  • Custom filter for the Sentiment analysis model – Users can add any attributes during the sentiment model setup to be applied as a filter on the view page. On a successful run, the user can filter the results based on the filter values.

Skypoint Activate:

  • Added SQL query editor in Audience – Users can add the audiences from the SQL query editor. The SQL query editor allows users to write and execute SQL (Structured Query Language) statements. Selecting multiple checkboxes on the listing page, the user can run multiple audiences created by SQL queries.
  • Added DateTime option in Metrics – Users can add variables in Metrics for calculation between DateTime attributes of different DateTime formats. Earlier, the same DateTime format was supported.

Skypoint Empower:

  • Updated email template editor – Included an option to add an HTML editable page. The spacing is arranged correctly.
  • Verify Email functionality - Verify Email functionality is added for changes made to the existing templates. A textbox & button is added to verify the email template. Once clicked, it triggers an email to the requested email id.

Settings and Administration:

  • Updated SQL Access UI and the JDBC URL – In SQL access, JDBC driver details are updated from Databricks. The new JDBC driver from Databricks is much faster. A serverless cluster starts in a couple of seconds and Query results come more quickly.
  • Lakehouse SQL endpoint - Shared serverless Lakehouse SQL endpoint is used for data retrieval in Skypoint Studio.
  • Upgraded Databricks runtime to 11.3 LTS - Databricks runtime version is upgraded to 11.3 LTS version.
  • Clean-up Develop environment – Develop environment is cleaned up for tenants and instances which are not in use and respective Databricks unused tables, clusters, workspaces, and SQL warehouses.
  • Databricks premium workspace migration – In the Develop environment, Databricks premium workspace is migrated from skypoint-dbx-premium-dev to dbws-eng-dep-dev-wu-002.
  • Delta optimization - Z-ordering and bloom filter is applied on all tables to improve delta optimization across all notebooks.
  • CDM text removal - CDM text has been removed from pipeline parameters and cosmos parameters.