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Release version 6.2.0

Release version 6.2.0 includes new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

Skypoint Master Data:

  • Search field added in the dropdown – For timelines journey, a search field is added to the dropdown menu. Each dropdown menu has a type-able field. Users can type in the search field and select the desired value such as attributes from the list with ease and fast.
  • Profile card changes – The UI of profile cards has been improved to solve the alignment issues when users expand or collapse the cards. When users expand the card, entire row is expanded, and similar behavior is seen for collapse. The design has been made responsive to page width.
  • View multiple master profiles – Users can select master data from the dropdown list on the "Profiles" page.

Skypoint Predict:

  • Added topic modeling – Skypoint supports comprehensive sentiment analysis (sentiment model and topic modeling) solutions to get the most actionable insights from feedback, reviews, and surveys. Topic modeling is added in the sentiment analysis model section. Two graphs are added for topic modeling on the view page:

    • Aspects of volume
    • Aspects with a percentage distribution of positive, negative, and neutral reviews.

    Note: To visualize the topic modeling on the view page, select a checkbox on the configuration page.

  • Added filter on sentiment model view page – Users can apply filters to choose parameters on the "Sentiment analysis & topic modeling" view page. Based on the parameters selected on the configuration page, you can filter and see these parameters on the view page.

  • Create audience from the prediction models - Users can create a quick audience from the following prediction models view page:

    • Customer churn model
    • Product recommendation model
    • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) model

Settings and Administration:

  • Migration of hive_metastore to Unity Catalog – Following tenants/instances are migrated from hive_metastore to Unity Catalog:
    • Generations-Sandbox
    • Skypoint Group- Healthcare
  • SQL editor optimization – SQL editor is optimized from the data aspect across the application.
  • Optimization for Delta tables - Delta tables are optimized for read-write operations.