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Release Version 3.0.0

The Release Version 3.0.0 includes new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

Skypoint Dashboard:

  • Tooltip UI issue for the Dataflow contribution index – The tooltip style of the Dataflow contribution index is modified to keep similar to the Enrichment. It helps users to understand and analyze data easily.
  • Dashboard Profile widget – The dashboard Profile card was not updated after the Map completion. This issue is fixed, each step shows Orange in color after successful completion.

Skypoint Dataflow:

  • Run failure for Google BigQuery – The file import couldn’t be possible due to the run failure of Google BigQuery. The bug is fixed, and the user can upload the records to the delta lake.
  • Data imports failed for Boulevard – The data ingestion failed due to the incorrect date format used. In this case, the Dataflow needs to be reconnected to get the latest configuration.
  • Scroll behavior on the Imports page – The home page and viewing area should not be scrollable. The scroll function should be used only on pages where the content exceeds the normal display.
  • Unchanged status after the run process - Status was not changed to "Complete" in the grid automatically when the run is completed on the Imports page. This issue has been resolved, once the run completes the status will be updated automatically.
  • API Key validation - In Export, the user receives an error stating that the API key is not present after clicking the Save button. The system should not allow proceeding without providing the API key. The issue is fixed, enabling users with a valid API key to proceed further.
  • Cent to dollar conversion - Datatypes related to amount have been modified to support cents to dollar conversion for the Boulevard connector.
  • Option to delete the latest attribute - Added option to delete the latest added attribute for the SendGrid connector.
  • Selected attributes in the dropdown list - The SendGrid attribute dropdown was showing the already selected attributes. The issue has been fixed and now, once an attribute is already selected, the dropdown won’t show the same attribute again.
  • Datetime column missing – Datetime columns were missing for the Shopify connector. This is required for the creation and run of the timeline and prediction. This issue is resolved, added column "created_date" in the order_line_item entity.

Skypoint Lakehouse:

  • Enabled SQL Access after token expiry – Earlier, a user was able to connect SQL Access with an expired Personal access token. An expired token should not establish the connection. The bug is fixed and will not allow the user to connect to Lakehouse Database after token expiration.
  • Filter Pop-up inconsistency in Entities – The filter pop-up dialog was shown while loading the page, and the filter search criteria were not visible. The bug is fixed and verified with new changes.
  • Selection of the item in Group by – A checkmark or tick mark was missing for "Group by" in the Entities section. The tick mark has been added to apply the selection of the fields under "Group by".

Skypoint Resolve:

  • Location of the information message – The information message bar is moved to the top of the display panel. When the user executes the Stitch process, the information message appears on the top of the page.

Skypoint Profile:

  • Unable to create a timeline – The user was unable to create a timeline because the entity was not listed in the dropdown. This was due to the check missing for the timestamp data type in the attributes. The check is added, and the user can select the entity from the dropdown list to create a timeline.

Skypoint Predict:

  • Missing breadcrumb bar in the Custom models – Breadcrumbs bar disappeared when you create a new Custom model. This issue has been fixed; the navigation bar appears on the "Custom models upload" page.
  • Persistence of the Save and run button after execution - Once the user clicked the Save and run button on the sentiment model, the button was not disabled. The issue is resolved, and the Save and run button will be disabled once it is clicked.
  • Pagination inconsistency after sorting - The pagination inconsistency after sorting is fixed in the Audience section. The audience selected on the next page remains the same.

Skypoint Activate:

  • Unable to load the Metrics details – In Metrics, data were not loading in the pop-up after execution. The bug is fixed, Metric details are loading in the Metrics pop-up, and displayed on the Profile Details page.

Skypoint Empower:

  • DSR persistent after execution – After DSR creation and run, DSR was showing on the same page until the page get refreshed. When DSR gets processed or completed, it is moved to its respective categories. The issue is resolved after disabling the caching for function calls.

Settings and Administration:

  • Updated product name in Sign In/Sign Up – The product name is updated from "Skypoint Customer Data Platform" to "Skypoint's Modern Data Stack Platform".
  • UI issue on Sign Up page – Earlier, the validation message was overlapping with the work Email field, and the click button was not working for the Password and Company Name fields. The bug is fixed, Validation message appears above the Work Email field. Also, the click button works for the Password and Company Name fields.