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Release version 7.3.2

Release version 7.3.2 includes new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

Skypoint AI:

  • Skypoint Copilot's latest update: - Skypoint Copilot's latest update revolutionizes user engagement with direct feedback options, seamless conversation sharing, precise timestamped conversation histories, and enhanced interaction during wait times.

  • Paragraph Format in Unstructured Responses - Experience clarity like never before with our new paragraph format, turning unstructured responses into beautifully organized, easily digestible content with key information highlighted for quick access.

  • Usage Report Implementation - Embrace the power of our new Usage Report Implementation, a comprehensive system for in-depth monitoring and analysis of your structured and unstructured data usage.

  • Improved search capability - Experience the power of enhanced search with Skypoint: swiftly navigate through unstructured documents to find exactly what you need, effortlessly and efficiently.