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Release version 7.2.1

Release version 7.2.1 includes new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

Skypoint Dataflow:

  • UKG connector - UKG offers a workforce optimization platform. This platform helps teams improve compliance, scheduling, HR service delivery, reporting and analytics, time and attendance. You can use Skypoint's built-in connector for importing data from UKG.

Skypoint Resolve:

  • Map configuration post dataflow import update - When dataflows are updated post a map run, user would be notified on map screen about updating map configuration and/or re-running map.
  • Entity wise run - Displaying datatypes on map screen and enabling entity wise run.

Skypoint Settings and Administration:

  • SkypointGPT usage on instance data - A user of Skypoint MDSP, has an option to use SkypointGPT on instance data. This will allow users to synchronize new data/entities loaded on the Skypoint platform with SkypointGPT with enhanced capabilities of Generative AI.