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Release version 7.3.1

Release version 7.3.1 includes new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

Skypoint AI:

  • Launch of Skypoint CoPilot: - In this latest update, we are excited to unveil the Skypoint CoPilot, a substantial upgrade aimed at refining user experience. This release features a more sophisticated response presentation, enhanced chat functionalities, and a comprehensive conversation history management system. These improvements are tailored to simplify interactions and boost productivity.

  • Skypoint AI Help+Support - Revamped 'New Support Request' Section: An upgrade to the 'New Support Request' section within the Studio App focuses on making the feature more intuitive and user-friendly, streamlining the process for our users.

Astra DB:

  • Full Mode Rearchitecture with AstraTunnel: - We've reengineered our system architecture using AstraTunnel, ensuring a more robust and efficient performance tailored to each client's unique needs.

  • Individualized Astra DB Provisioning: - Each tenant now benefits from a dedicated Astra DB provisioning, offering enhanced data management and security.