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Release version 6.3.0

Release version 6.3.0 includes new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

Skypoint Dataflow

  • Added Snowflake DLT integration - New connector support added for Snowflake in Dataflow > imports. Users can import the Snowflake tables of Sherpa CRM via DLT.

Skypoint Resolve:

  • Refactor Rule match – Rule match is refactored in the current rules, and conditions for stats calculation to improve accuracy. After the refactoring, Rule match stats display accurate match percentage and count.
  • Added Type in master data - Users can select the master data type (community, resident, product, patient, etc.) from the dropdown list. For example, the "Resident" master data type can be used to classify and store information about senior living residents of a particular area or community and manage their care level, medications, and other details.
Skypoint Activate:
  • Autosuggestion in a SQL editor for Audience creation – SQL editor for audience creation has been enabled for autosuggestion for tables and associated columns. Column-level alias is allowed. Table-level alias is not allowed.
Settings and administration:
  • Optimize performance - Page load time is less than or equal to 2 seconds. Performance has been improved for the following sections:

    • Dataflow > Exports
    • Lakehouse > Databases
  • Configure a schedule for master data – Users can set the schedule for the master data (e.g., daily, weekly, monthly). Once the schedule is set up, it will automatically run at the specified schedules and update the master data.

    Note: For now, schedules can be defined only for the default master data type. Support for schedules for all types of master data will be available soon.

  • Fixed blocker bugs in SICDPServices - Blocker bugs logged in SonarQube for the SICDPServices repo are fixed.