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Using Skypoint AI


Skypoint AI uses generative AI to make the most of your data. Skypoint's AI Studio enhances data management by efficiently collecting, unifying and organizing data from a variety of sources, including SQL databases, APIs or files like CSV, PDF, text, docs to uncover valuable insights. These insights are easily accessible through Skypoint AI copilot, which enables users to chat with data in simple language leading to data-driven decision-making capabilities & more.

How to enable Skypoint AI

To activate Skypoint AI for instance data, follow these steps to enable its functionality:

  1. Log in to the Skypoint AI Studio portal.
  2. Go to Settings and select Instances from the dropdown menu.
  3. Click on the Settings tab.
  4. Tick the box labeled Enable Skypoint AI for instance data, then click the SAVE button to activate Skypoint AI.

Alt text


After activation, Skypoint AI's functionality for instance data cannot be deactivated. If not activated or enabled, Skypoint AI will operate according to the current setup.

How to configure Unstructured data on Skypoint AI Studio

User can setup unstructured data on Skypoint AI studio by following the below steps:

A. Initiate setting up data connections on Skypoint AI Studio

  1. Sign in to Skypoint AI Studio.
  2. Navigate to Dataflow and choose Connections.
  3. Click on Set up for either ADLS or SharePoint.

Alt image

  1. Fill in the required connection details and validate credentials.

Alt image

  1. Click SAVE button to confirm the changes.

Alt image Congratulations! You have successfully set up data connections.

B. Add unstructured data source to ingestion pipeline on Skypoint AI Studio

  1. Go to AI configurator and choose unstructured data.
  2. Click on Add Source.

Alt image

  1. Choose the type of data source.

Alt image

  1. Add name and display name.
  2. Select connection from the drop-down menu.

Alt image

  1. Select the storage path by clicking on the folder icon.
  2. Click the SAVE button.

Alt image

  1. View saved data source under AI configurator as highlighted in the figure below.
  2. Right click on the three dots against the saved data source to complete data ingestion.

Alt image Awesome! You have successfully configured the unstructured data on Skypoint AI.

How to use Skypoint AI Copilot

Visit the Skypoint AI Copilot portal at: to login with your credentials:

Alt image

or if you're already using the Skypoint AI Studio, find and click the Skypoint AI Copilot button located at the bottom right corner to access Skypoint AI Copilot.

Alt image

Let us explore the essential functionalities of Skypoint AI Copilot. This includes guidance on framing questions, initiating new chats, tracking chat history, sharing prompt responses, providing feedback, customizing settings for personalized themes, and securely logging out.

How to ask your questions?

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Follow the below steps while crafting your question for the copilot:

  1. Phrase and state your queries concisely & clearly in the prompt field for best response from Skypoint AI Copilot.
  2. Click Enter and wait for Skypoint AI Copilot to respond. Response time varies from a few seconds or longer based on request complexity.
  3. Check for Skypoint AI Copilot's response above the prompt field. If it doesn't fully address your question, provide more context or clarification to help Skypoint AI Copilot better understand your needs.
  4. Repeat step 3 as needed until you receive a satisfactory response or outcome.

How can you share conversations and provide feedback?

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Link Share: Skypoint AI Copilot's link sharing feature generates a link with a single click, allowing effortless sharing of generated text within your organization. Those with appropriate permissions can view the chat through the link.

Copy: Skypoint AI Copilot's copy button enables users to easily copy the text generated by the Copilot and quickly save or share the information. This functionality is particularly useful for transferring insights, answers, or creative content to other applications or documents, streamlining workflows and improving productivity.

Feedback: In Skypoint AI Copilot, users can offer feedback on responses by clicking the thumbs up or thumbs down button. This feedback helps Skypoint AI Copilot refine the model and its responses.

How to create a new chat and view past conversations?

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New Chats: In Skypoint AI Copilot, the+ New Chat option at the top right-hand corner enables users to start a new conversation thread. This feature allows for a clean and focused dialogue, free from previous interactions, making it easier to seek information, ask questions, or address new tasks efficiently.

Chat History: The Chat History feature in Skypoint AI Copilot, located in the left-hand corner of the Copilot interface, allows users to easily access and review past interactions and resume paused dialogues. In addition, you can click the three dots next to the desired chat history to pin the chat, rename the conversation thread, or delete it, thus managing conversations efficiently

How to change my color theme and logout securely?

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Settings: The Settings option, located at the bottom left corner of the user interface in Skypoint AI Copilot, allows users to customize their experience conveniently. This feature enables users to change the dashboard theme to suit their preferences, improving visual comfort and usability. Additionally, the Settings menu includes an option to log out, ensuring users can securely exit their sessions.


Skypoint AI Copilot is an easy and effective tool for seeking advice on various topics. You can ask questions and get reliable answers from the system. If you experience any technical problems or errors, contact the Skypoint support team for help.