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Managing Data Sensitivity with Type Management


Type management lets you classify and protect your data without hindering your productivity and ability to collaborate with others inside and outside the organization. With the help of Skypoint Type management, you can manage all the semantic labels in one location so that the user has a centralized location to manage the sensitive labels used across the Tenant. It becomes the architectural pillar for sensitive data management.


  • You have a Tenant admin permission to the Skypoint platform. For more information about Tenant, refer to Tenant Details. If you need help and support, click Need help? button in the right corner of the page.

To create and configure Type management

  1. Open Skypoint Studio.
  2. In the left pane, go to Dataflow > Types.

Alt text

  1. Click New type.

The Create type dialog box appears.

Alt text

  1. Enter the Name and Display name for the Type management.

Use at least three characters without spaces. Only alphabets and numbers are allowed. The name and display name must be unique for each sensitive label type.

  1. You can describe the new Type in the Description box.
  2. Choose Encryption from the drop-down list to ensure that only authorized recipients can decrypt your content.

Alt text

If youThen
Do not want to use encryptionSelect None.
Want to use encryptionSelect Apply.
Want to disable encrypt functionSelect Removed.
  1. Select Sensitive to mark whether the information is a sensitive label.
  2. Select Create to apply your changes and generate a new custom label.

Once the custom label is created, you can see the new custom type and all the sensitive information types on the Types page.

Alt text

NameIndicates the name of the sensitive label.
Display nameIndicates the display name of the sensitive label.
SensitiveIndicates whether the label is sensitive.
EncryptedIndicates whether the encryption is applied.
Used in mapDisplays the value "Yes" or "No". It allows users to select and delete only those custom labels which are not used in the Map process.
Created byDisplays whether the system or admin creates the sensitive label.
Updated dateDisplays last modified date.
ActionsOption to Edit or Delete the sensitive label.
Group byOption to view the items in a specific Group (For example, name, sensitive, encrypted).

Skypoint AI provides a large number of pre-configured sensitive information types. The system creates these sensitive labels from the different data sources. It detects sensitive information like Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to identify sensitive items. By default, the system-created labels are displayed as System in the Created by column. The System type cannot be edited. However, if the pre-configured sensitive information types do not meet your needs, you can create your custom label. The user-created sensitive labels are displayed as Admin.

  1. In the Types overview tab, you can visualize and explore the sensitive information types. You can measure and explore the sensitivity attributes as follows:
  • Sensitive label for the Attributes
  • Mapped and unmapped sensitive attributes
  • Encrypted sensitive attributes

Alt text

Edit and remove a sensitive information type

  1. Go to Dataflow > Types.

Edit and delete functions are disabled for the System type sensitive labels. It allows deletion and editing for those custom labels that are not used in the Map process.

  1. For a particular custom label type, select the horizontal ellipsis in the Actions column and do the following:
If you want toThen
Modify the sensitive type propertiesSelect Edit.
Delete the sensitive information typeSelect Remove.

Alt text

  1. To modify sensitive information properties, change on the Edit Type page.
  2. Click Update to apply your changes.

If the new custom label is not configured or mapped, then you can edit and change the properties. However, if the new custom label has been used or mapped, it integrates with the upstream and downstream processes. You cannot modify it. You can update the Display name only.

  • To remove the new custom label, go to the Stitch > Map and remove the semantic label type from the attribute. Click Save to apply your changes. Once the new custom label is unmapped, you can edit or remove it from Dataflow > Types > Actions.

To mark the data as sensitive

You can mark your data as sensitive that would mask it to ensure its safety and privacy. Follow the below steps:

  1. Go to Dataflow > Types.
  2. In the Create type form, Click Yes on Sensitive section after filling up the other sections.
  3. Click Create.

Follow the procedure mask sensitive data steps in the Permissions section to activate the masking of sensitive data.

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