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Setting up user permissions


Users have the necessary permissions to perform tasks on the platform. Administrators can verify and grant permissions for the users from the Permissions page. Skypoint AI supports four different roles:

  • Contributor: The Contributor role gives authority to carry out data-related activities on the platform. It is recommended for users who perform data ingestion on the platform and create solutions like Audience and Metrics.
  • Instance Admin: Users having an Instance Administrator role can perform contributor roles and manage instance-related activities.
  • Tenant Admin: Users having a Tenant Administrator role can perform contributor roles and manage tenant-related activities.
  • Viewer: The Viewer role on the platform has the most limitations. Users can only view the data but cannot modify or create anything on the platform.

To view permissions

Follow the below steps to view permissions:

  1. Go to Settings > Platform.
  2. Click on the Permissions tab.

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To mask sensitive data

You can mask the sensitive data in your Customer profile by selecting the role of Tenant Admin. Follow the below steps to mask the sensitive data:

  1. In the Platform Settings page, click Permissions tab.
  2. Select TenantAdmin from the Select roles drop-down list.
  3. Check the Mask option.
  4. Click Save to apply your changes.